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Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Inspirational Blog

I have been soaking up the beautiful work to be seen at

Karen does fabulous work.  Absolutely lovely.

I decided I would have a go and  see how it would turn out.
Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I made a little pin cushion and backed it with some of that felted jersey stuff that I have stashed away in the cupboard.
Anyway a couple of photos to show my work/play for this morning.

The little piece of embroidery in the middle was a cutout from an old
piece of vintage linen.  (I didn't embroider that, in case you were wondering.)
I was pleased with how this turned out.

Thankyou Karen for your lovely work .
It is an inspiration to me and I expect many others.


  1. What a cute little pin cushion! Very good mornings work!

  2. Hi Joan! I enjoy Karen's work as well...I even bought a scrap of hers from her etsy shop so I could have it for inspiration. Your attempt is lovely and I'm glad you've honored it by posting about it on your blog. I think Karen would be delighted!

  3. Hi Joan! I admire Karen's work as well and even bought a scrap from her Etsy shop to have for inspiration...

    Your attempt is great and it's wonderful that you honor it by posting about it on your blog. Karen would be thrilled!