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Monday, September 5, 2011

Pam Sussman's Fabric Art Journal Book

Love this!

I'm taking a peek inside Pams book. An easy read book with photos to match.
Subtle colours with simple stitching works well here.

Fabric layered, stitched and beaded on this page.

'Art' says it all!

Pam  Sussman's book can be purchased here.
It is a great book to add to your handcraft book collection or
to pop on your coffee table to browse through whenever.

(I couldn't get rid of this 2nd Amazon thingmy.  It is very persistent.  Just won't go!)


  1. Thank you very much for sharing a your wonderful creation. Funny to be at the other side of the world and still being able to see your creative world. I teach handicaped young people in art and textile design in Denmark. Love Sinne

  2. Thankyou for commenting on this post. I love Pam Sussman's work as seen here. I cannot lay claim to any of it! It is her work and that is what this post is about.
    Best wishes for your work the handicapped young people in Denmark.