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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Beautiful Mohair Scarf.

I was op-shopping very recently and found this very soft and very beautiful  mohair scarf.
I washed it this morning and love how the fibres have freshened up.
It has had some use as it has two or three small holes in it.
I washed it this morning and it dried very quickly in the summer heat we are having.

Look at those ever so soft fibres, drying in the sun.

Now it is dried.  You can see that it is cream rather than white.
The garden rose is 'William Morris.'

The mohair fibres form a pattern giving a lovely softness.
(There's a rose behind there.)

The label says it all.  100% Mohair. Made in Great Britain  in the Scotch House by Ceakenhall. 
( I wonder where that is and how old this scarf might be?) 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Fabric Heart

A heart created from black felted knitting.
The pinky-red velvet was machine stitched on.
The upper photo shows my not so neat stitching on the satiny fabric
on the back of the heart.
Some beads form a 'tail.'
I like the rugged look of this.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Best Summer Photo of All!

My Grandaughter  was dedicated this Summer.  She was dressed in a very pretty pink and white dress.  Her pink and white shoes matched her dress.
(Couldn't resist taking this photo .)

Summer Photos.

Summer is coming to an end here.  Some nights are quite cool even though we are having very hot days.
Here is a poppy, a peonie, summer daisies, double delight rose.

A Chinese Proverb - I love this!

'Man who waits for Roast Duck to fly into
mouth, must wait very, very long time.'


Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Project

I found this 'throwover' in an op shop. The fabric is a pretty light green but it was very plain to look at. On Sunday afternoon I embroidered the two opposite corners with dragonflies.

One thing I have learnt is this....... its not about perfection!  These dragonflies are not perfect but I'm  happy with them. I also sewed a mother of pearl button in each corner.

Now I have a not so plain throwover which I have made my mark on and am happy to use.

What do you think of it?
( the photo does not show the pretty green colour that it is.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Art Journal - my first one ever!

I have always struggled with thinking I was an artist. I took art at secondary school for a while
and it didn't really flow for me. I think that was when I concluded that I wasn't an artist.
That of course is a very narrow perspective on being an 'artist.' Now I appreciate that there are many ways one can be considered to be an artist.

I see some of the lovely needlework that Mum did in younger days. It is truly a work of art. She also painted. Particularly flowers. Her handwritimg was a work of art. I don't think I have ever seen such beautiful writing as hers.
Since I am my mothers daughter, I'm hoping I have inherited some of Mum's talents. I am encouraged by this. Thankyou Mum.

I have been creating an art/inspirational journal this year. It is very therapeutic. It has given me much pleasure. Even though it is nearly falling apart, it has been most enjoyable .
I have never done one before. I hope you can see a little of what is in it.
Almost falling apart! Who said I wasn't an artist! I think it was me!
Anyway, its great to be free to do whatever you want. Be it some blanketstitch along
the page edges, adding fabric strips and tie on a shell or button, shade and colour with
crayons and pastels. Whatever I chose to do it was heaps of fun and I'm not finished yet!
A collage of magazine cutouts, duplicate pictures,
coloured with pastels along with inspirational wording.
Click on photos for larger view.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Look Inside My Fabric Book

I have been asked to show a page or two from my fabric book as seen on my header. Creativity is my theme. I had a lot of fun with this. So, here we go a couple of photos..........
The top page shows some ribbon roses.
The lower photo shows a small piece of the page peeking through the machine wrapped chord.

Summer Delights - Freshly Picked Sweet Peas

An offering from my garden this morning.

Something Old, Something New

New and recycled fabric, machine wrapped chord and embroidery
and here is a drawstring bag which I enjoyed making recently.

A Guard Dog of many things!

We have a Labrador at our place who guards our property.
The only thing is... he also guards our peach tree.
That would be o.k. but he has been seen to help himself to a peach or two!
Therefore we considered it necessary to guard the tree from 'the dog.'
Here we see Dougal on guard duty as we secure the tree from peach loving Dougal!
Go Dougal?

This is what we are guarding!

Our peach harvest has started! Dougal has been kept away (mainly) and
now we enjoy the harvest.
Sweet, juicy freestone, Redhaven peaches.
How good is that!

I just love these....

These shells are a special find from a local beach.
The barnacles add a ruggedness to an otherwise delicate shell.
I have added another posting below so see another photo of these.

Beautiful Shells from Moeraki

I discovered these delightful shells on the Moeraki beach not far from
Fleurs Restaurant. They are delicate and range in colour from white through to orange.
Being a collector of shells for a long time, I was delighted with my find.
I think they are a small scallop shell. It is the first time I have seen
these in North Otago.