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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Beautiful Mohair Scarf.

I was op-shopping very recently and found this very soft and very beautiful  mohair scarf.
I washed it this morning and love how the fibres have freshened up.
It has had some use as it has two or three small holes in it.
I washed it this morning and it dried very quickly in the summer heat we are having.

Look at those ever so soft fibres, drying in the sun.

Now it is dried.  You can see that it is cream rather than white.
The garden rose is 'William Morris.'

The mohair fibres form a pattern giving a lovely softness.
(There's a rose behind there.)

The label says it all.  100% Mohair. Made in Great Britain  in the Scotch House by Ceakenhall. 
( I wonder where that is and how old this scarf might be?) 


  1. it is beautiful Joan and I love the rose! I would've bought the scarf too!

  2. hallo Joan,
    my Dutch mom had exactly the same scarf. After she passed away I found it in her closet. She must have bought it in Scotland on one of her trips, at least 10 years ago, maybe longer...
    I never saw her waer it. It is very light and warm. I love it.
    Have you found more info about it?
    I'd like to hear.
    Best regards,
    Ingrid from Holland.