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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nature Study in my Backyard

Inside view of a dandelion seed head.

A seed head about to deliver its seads in our backyard  and beyond

The Dandelion is an amazing nature study when you stop and take a look at it.

I don't like the plant growing in my garden, but I do wonder at the beauty of the seed head.
It is brilliantly made with countless seed heads growing in an amazing pattern to form a ball.
These seedheads are making sure that this plant is not going to die out in a hurry!
The seeds are very soft. Watching them fly away when the breeze or wind comes to carry them to a place where they lie
until it is time for them to begin to grow into a new plant is one of natures spectacles.

It is no wonder that many fibre artists have focused on the dandelion seedhead as part
of their artistry.
- My posting 'Rainy Day stitching'  just below includes a dandelion seedhead. -
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hard Hearted - Soft Hearted

This little handsewn heart reminds me of the importance of having a soft heart.  To me that means
being kind and thoughtful to others.  The world can be very rugged at times.  It is important that I keep coming back to that 'soft place.'   A place of feeling and connection.
A place of love.


I found this little heart on one of my walks. The shape of course is very appealing  but it is cold to touch.  It reminds me that it is very important to keep coming from a soft, caring place in my daily life. It is so easy to allow our hearts to be hardened by life events. If my heart becomes hardened then that means I will not be coming from a good place and I doubt that I would be much fun to live with!
I want to be a woman who loves and cares for others and is not afraid to stand up and speak for those who may not be able to do so. 
Lets make the most of today!

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