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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nature Study in my Backyard

Inside view of a dandelion seed head.

A seed head about to deliver its seads in our backyard  and beyond

The Dandelion is an amazing nature study when you stop and take a look at it.

I don't like the plant growing in my garden, but I do wonder at the beauty of the seed head.
It is brilliantly made with countless seed heads growing in an amazing pattern to form a ball.
These seedheads are making sure that this plant is not going to die out in a hurry!
The seeds are very soft. Watching them fly away when the breeze or wind comes to carry them to a place where they lie
until it is time for them to begin to grow into a new plant is one of natures spectacles.

It is no wonder that many fibre artists have focused on the dandelion seedhead as part
of their artistry.
- My posting 'Rainy Day stitching'  just below includes a dandelion seedhead. -
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  1. What a beautiful picture, I agree the dandelions are a pest but that first picture is worth all the pain of getting rid of them, congratulations on a great composition, Sheila