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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Treadle Sewing Machine and special memories.

This is my Mothers original treadle sewing machine. She bought it in the early days of her married life.
She often talked about replacing it but never did. She spent many, many hours sewing for herself and for me and my two sisters.
I have to say it caused her a lot of frustration! If I recall correctly the tension was the main problem. Dad was often called to deal to these annoyances.  It tested his patience too! But as always it was duly reset so that Mum could complete the article that she was working on.

There are many, many memories wrapped up in these photos.  The dedication that my mother showed when she cut out and sewed her three daughters a new dress for a special event.  Most often it would be the exciting event of our end of year school concert!

At the end of the day we all went off to bed.  No not Mum.  She had dresses to sew!  Staying up late or 'burning the midnight oil' as she would say.  In the morning there the finished garment would be draped over the end of the  beloved 'singer.'  What a picture!
One down, two to go!
How many more of us have  memories of our mothers lovingly sewing dresses or other items for their families over the last fifty  years.  Doesn't that age me?  Oh yes, but I have much to be thankful for.

My Mothers Singer Sewing Machine has a lot of memories for me.  Mostly good! 
What history and what simplicity.

What memories do you have of this time in our sewing history, I'd love to know about them.
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  1. Thank you so much coming by to say hello! So glad you did. We are sure lucky gals to have our special sewing machines. My grandmothers sewed away on mine to! You are very creative I must say!


  2. I have wonderful memories of my grandmothers treadle that was modified to electric. My mother wasn't a sewer but my grandmother was and she taught me quilting. I used to love opening the cabinet where the machine was stored (in that upside down fashion) and playing witht the treads. I often wonder what happened to that machine but no one in my family seems to remember.

  3. The old singer sewing machine stirs many memories. Thankyou for sharing your memories with me. They are special.