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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Farewell 2010 - Welcome 2011

 Out with the old and in with the New Year
2010 is over.  For my family it was like a roller coaster ride.  I think many others can say the same.
It is good to begin the New Year of 2011 with new opportunities and new beginnings.
I continue to enjoy blogging.  Extending myself artisticly, through  my photography, blog  posting and connecting to other bloggers of a similar interests. 

 What a great world! 
I love it when a visitor takes time to comment on my blog.  This never fails to delight me.  Who knows, we may meet one day!

One last thought about creativity.  This is our giving from the centre of who we are.  Giving of our gifts and talents to our world.  We do not know who may be touched by our giving.  Someone out there needs our 
individuality, our touch,  our words, our creativity.
If you are wondering about joining the blogging world, I highly recommend it!
It is an exciting world.  It happens  one posting at a time.

Best wishes for a truly creative 2011!
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  1. hi joan...i love what you said about sharing a little bit of yourself with the world as there is always someone out there who might be uplifted. it is very true and i am enjoying "getting out there" and connecting to those outside my immediate realm. lately i've been making some goodies for the valentine holiday to sell in my etsy shop and i've been wondering..."is anyone going to want this or is this purely for me that i'm making it?" your words are an encouragement to me that what we do matters and if it comes from our heart, our mind, ourself then someone else could be touched by it too.

    those cookies in the later posting look yummy. favorite includes chocolate chip scones with a touch of butter and a nice, cold glass of milk :) by the way, i have been wanting to go to new zealand for about 12 years now ever since i met so many wonderful souls from there while i was backpacking around europe. the plane fair is a bit expensive, but when the time comes...i cannot wait to go there!!!

    thanks so much for your post :)

  2. Hi Jenna, Thankyou for such awesome comments.
    Your kind words mean a lot to me.
    I wish you well with your etsy shop. Keep enjoying your blog.
    Best wishes,