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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Farewell 2010 - Welcome 2011

 Out with the old and in with the New Year
2010 is over.  For my family it was like a roller coaster ride.  I think many others can say the same.
It is good to begin the New Year of 2011 with new opportunities and new beginnings.
I continue to enjoy blogging.  Extending myself artisticly, through  my photography, blog  posting and connecting to other bloggers of a similar interests. 

 What a great world! 
I love it when a visitor takes time to comment on my blog.  This never fails to delight me.  Who knows, we may meet one day!

One last thought about creativity.  This is our giving from the centre of who we are.  Giving of our gifts and talents to our world.  We do not know who may be touched by our giving.  Someone out there needs our 
individuality, our touch,  our words, our creativity.
If you are wondering about joining the blogging world, I highly recommend it!
It is an exciting world.  It happens  one posting at a time.

Best wishes for a truly creative 2011!
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Wishes!

To  my blogging friends and visitors from all over the world.
May peace, love and joy be yours this Christmas!

Jack and the Stars of Christmas

Jacks night out!
Our wee dog Jack spent the night under the house.  He gets through a cat door. (yes he does fit)
It was dark before we realised he was  missing.  By then it was too dark for him to see his way out.
He looks rather sleepy at the door this morning.  Mind you he wasn't the only sleepy one!  Some of us thought he had gone further afield and got into trouble.
Good to see him again this morning!
Shows how much these animals mean too us all!

Posted by PicasaThe 'rugged stars of Christmas are a little project I completed yesterday.
Fabric paper  cut and sewn onto felted fabric and a little fibrefill to fill them. 
I brushed on some irridescent  whatever and although the photo doesn't show it,
They have a lovely pearlised glow.

Keeping it Simple.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Mothers Needlework - a beautiful way to say 'Good Morning.'

Mums handwriting was an artform.  'Goodmorning' is a lovely example
of her writing.  So lovely to see it here embroidered  as a permanent record.


Posted by PicasaThis handwork of my Mums is a lovely piece.  The intricate pocket for the serviette.  'Good Morning'
written by Mum and beautifully embroidered by hand.  An everlasting piece of her written word and her delicate embroidery.  A work of art.  Thankyou for your legacy, Mum a gift to me.
She is 92, and an amazing woman.