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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Nest Is Empty.

Our youngest of four left home yesterday.
He is now settling into Christchurch where he will study at engineering school.
Before he left, he went fishing a few times. He caught this amazing sea-run trout at a beach not far from home. His Dad went along too. They weren't away long when this fish was landed.
It was in beautiful condition. If I remember correctly it weighed in at five and a half pound or was it six?
A great catch anyway.

His older brother said it was a catch of a lifetime!
Although our nest is empty, we have many, many special memories.
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  1. I understand! an empty nest. For us as a mother an emotional point in our life! But your son can catch now the real life explore experiens.But when we(mothers/women)use /have our hobbys and making nice things to do in free time,we also began a new life. And when the kids come home on a visit they like us more, because they miss us also!! many greetings from mieke.

  2. I love those words. Thankyou Gebreidesjaals, I appreciate them.

  3. I always looked forward to when the kids were grown and left...then my last one did and it was so hard on me...moms are weird that way I guess!

  4. Someone once said to me, 'Once a Mum, always a Mum.' How true.