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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

HELP! How do I Comment on others blogs when I'm disconnected consistently?

Can anyone help me with this.  I am consistently disconnected from blogger 'signin' and as a result cannot make comments on others blogs.

I would love some help with this,  thanks.

Thanks to some friendly bloggers, I am sorted.
(if you want to find the answer for yourself check the comments and you will find some help there)


  1. Try this : sign out of blogger, and when you sign in DON'T tick the 'stay signed in' box. This works for me. Soooo frustrating

  2. Hi Joan I had the same problem for 3 months until I read on a forum a post that a very helpful personhad posted on the subject. he listed a whole lot of things to worked for me try it see if it works if not let me know and i will find the list of the other things to try...any how my fix was.

    go to the sign in page, before you sing in, untick the stay signed in box and then press the Ctrl key and F5 key together, it really worked for me appartently it clears cache history and the little rutt of a circle I got into with my blog sign in page.
    good luck

  3. Thanks for your help ladies, am now sorted.
    Happy days are again!

  4. if you have further issues with blogger, check out, Donna has some really helpful comments and advice