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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Tribute to My Mum


I have featured this needlework on my blog before.
This time I do so in memory of my Mum. She passed away last Friday.
She lived a good and long life.
Needlework was one of her loves.
This piece is truly a piece of perfection.
It is a tray cloth.
p.s. this is some of Mum's needlework.

in loving memory of Mum


  1. My Mum was in her 94th year. She was a little lady, even so she outlived all of her family. I am thankful to have had a Mum and a lovely Mum for so many years.

  2. hello Joan, what a sad time for you, but what a long life your mum had. Treasure your memories,

  3. It doesnt matter how old we are its still a great loss. I am so glad that you have lots of nice memories and items of hers to cherish.

  4. Absolutely stunning. An elegant tribute I'm sure she'd be honored and proud!