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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do fairies live at the bottom of the garden? Lets have a look.

My daughter, her three children and myself went on a journey.  We had heard that there were fairies at the bottom of the garden at Willow Park.  We weren't sure about this.  We needed to find out for ourselves. 
We have some photos of our journey.  Willow Park is a very big, very beautiful garden quite close to us.  I hope you enjoy our visit.  (I had another beautiful garden photo, but picassa is not letting me have it!) sorry, I'll take those words back.  Its up there!  I do like it.

 We thought this 'wobbly' bridge might take us to where the fairies live, but it was rather scary for us.  So we backtracked and went another way.

Oh so hungry!
This is such a big garden.  It is time to rest and have a bite to eat.  Then we can carry on looking for these fairies.

We must be getting close.  The sign says that fairies dance and share secrets at the bottom of the garden.  I hope that is true. 
Lets wait and see .............
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