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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Hen in our yard

One of our new arrivals in our backyard. She is a brown leghorn.  Her folded over red comb will give her some shade on hot, sunny days. We are getting one egg every one or two days. When they settle in they will probably lay more. We hope so!

Don't forget to be a part of  Fibre Fascination giveaway.  It finishes on the 3rd November. Have a look at the blog entry before this one and you will find out how to enter.
We are going to Sydney for a family wedding so it should be good family time and celebration. On return we will find out who has won the giveaway.
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  1. Oh...she is so beautiful!! Love the red comb over ;-)

    Janet xox

  2. I cant wait to get chickens...I am going to get two in the spring...I love her built in sun hat!