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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Colouring with Nature

Over recent days I have been working on this project and enjoying different processes.
I have incorporated some different dyeing methods from India Flints book that I posted about last week. I loved the ice-flower dyes.
This is may test your patience but I found it was worth trying and worth the wait of a few days.  The colours can be rather beautiful and it is very interesting to watch as the process develops on your windowsill or other sunny spot. Cold bundled eco-prints produced some lovely clear prints from my rose leaves.
Overdyeing the lace and fabric gave a variety of colourings which you can see in the photos.
I used agapanthus flowers, onion peelings and the green colouring is from the rose leaves

This is the book where I learned about the dyeing processes typed in italics.   Eco Colour: Botanical Dyes for Beautiful Textiles

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  1. I read and read your post and still have no idea how did you managed to get the rose leaf and stem on the material .I am amazed Liz

  2. You are producing such lovely effects. Keep sharing your experiments

  3. Thanks for your interest. I am new at this game. India Flints book Eco Colour has helped
    me a lot.
    I gather the rose leaves and make sure they are clean. Lay them face down on natural fabric. I used old white sheeting. Roll up into a firm bundle. Secure with fabric ties/rubber bands or whatever. Steam over a pot used specifically for dyeing. I steam bundles for about an hour and leave to cool. Unwrap and enjoy the results.

  4. ......and after all that, I forgot to mention mordants! Some other time.