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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Freshly Laid Egg

One of these lovely chooks laid an egg this morning.
The hen on the left is 'Red' and the one on the right is 'Orpie.'
We hope they will both be laying shortly.

Jack loves the look of this little egg. Freshly laid, it is about the right size for him to enjoy in one mouthfull.
Sorry Jack, we're having it for lunch!
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  1. I don't blame the dog for wanting the egg my dogs Love fresh eggs to maybe you need one more hen so he can have a fresh egg to.Liz

  2. We do have another hen but she has gone off the lay. She laid an egg everyday, well almost!

  3. We have three hens. Our smallest one a 'leghorn' is the best layer. She lays an egg most days.