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Monday, March 14, 2011

Margaret Merrill at Summers End

A bunch of 'Margaret Merrill' roses from my garden, gracing a vase in our conservatory.
The shape, the salmon-pink shading and the beautiful scent of these beautiful roses are a delightful gift.
An indication that summer is near its end for this season.

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  1. csodálatos ez a rózsa és gyönyörű fotók:)))

  2. Thankyou Katalin. Your comment reads beautiful roses and beautiful photo.

  3. I just love roses any colour yours look very delicate and pretty and i can se there is lot more roses in your garden.Liz

  4. You are right Liz, I do have more roses in my garden. They bring a lot of pleasure. Pruning time isn't so much fun! The prickles can be awfully sharp, even with gloves on!